Never Been Done: CD
  • Never Been Done: CD

Never Been Done: CD

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B-Dub and Renegade wanted to bring that hype crunk music back. This 21 track masterpiece guarantees to bring you so much energy. We wanted to create something phenomenal that's never been done and we did just that. Just press play and you won't skip a track. Enjoy this classic!!

  1. Bounce Like That (Prod by Pavel)
  2. Put It Down Like ME (prod by pavel,jozez,juh
  3. We Tha Saviors (prod by Pavel)
  4. How We Get Down (prod by pavel and mic)
  5. Is That Why Ya Mad (prod by Pavel)
  6. Mind Blown (Prod by Pavel)
  7. Turn Dat Up (Prod by Pavel)
  8. Let It Play (prod by Pavel)
  9. Hold IT Down (prod by pavel and juh)
  10. We Lay It Down (Prod by Flizzy)
  11. All Eyes On ME (Prod by Broke boys and Pavel
  12. I Like It (Prod by Pavel)
  13. The Way You Move (Prod by Jambeatz)
  14. Spider Man (Prod by Pavel)
  15. Ya Kidding Right (Prod by Pavel)
  16. Anomaly (Prod by Jambeatz)
  17. We Got Dat Fiyah (prod by Mic and Pavel)
  18. Nuh Uh (prod by CJ Bump)
  19. Lords Of The Tongue (prod by Mic and Pavel)
  20. Block em (Prod by Flizzy and Pavel)
  21. Music Is Contagious (prod by Pavel)
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